Brands are the categories of various "designers" that make up outfits for use by the Player in game. Each coord beneath the various brands have their own rarity and designs to create unique looks under each variant.

In total there are 5 brands with the release of Wave 2.

Logo MF

Mickey and Friends

Fun and colorful designs based on the long-running, main Disney characters and the main hub world of Castleton.

Logo CI


A romantic and girly brand heavily focused on soft blues and rose pinks. Sparkles and glitter adorn everything!

Logo PO
Winnie the Pooh

A fun brand that takes hints from the various friends Winnie the Pooh has come to meet. Features natural tones and looks to appeal to all styles.

Logo AW
Alice in Wonderland

A whimsical brand full of bright contrasting colors and designs to create a unique, fantasical look!

Logo SW
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

From cute to tomboyish, a brand with colorful attire with a touch of cuteness.

Logo BB
Beauty and the Beast

Glamourous, regal gowns fit for the ballroom or reading in the library.

Logo CD

A brand for tomboys that endorses the use of natural browns to create a playful look.

Logo DG
Shiny Star Story

A beautiful, shiny brand inspired by the various Disney Princesses.

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