The Bright Beauty Festival Coord was released during Wave 5 of KiraKira Shiny Star. It is a Rare coord from the Mickey and Friends brand, released to celebrate the summer festival season.

It resembles the Cherry Blossom Festival Coord.


Bright Beauty Festival Happi & GetaEdit

A crimson happi decorated with accents of white, gold, and lime, along with orange check fabric. The upper torso has gold mickey heads to match the orange section with the same pattern on the bottom half. The waist sections have crimson check fabric. The sleeves are white and crimson split colored. The obi is orange check with a streak of yellow and white coloring, decorated by a single gold mickey head sewn to the right corner. Comes with a pair of pale brown and tomato-colored geta.

Bright Beauty Festival HeadbandEdit

A festive headband made from crimson and white striped material, held together with purple flowers, and crimson strands decorated with spheres of violet, pearl, and pink.

Coord BoxEdit

Dress & Shoes Accessory

Bright Beauty Festival Happi & Geta


Bright Beauty Festival Headband



Official ArtEdit

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