The Brilliant Lagoon Jewel Coord is a Coord released during the 1st Anniversary of KiraKira Shiny Star. It is a Rare coord from Shiny Star Story.



A dark blue top with a strap on the left arm, where a pearl accessory resides with layered, pale blue shimmering fabric. Pearls of pink, blue, white, red, and orange cover the top in a variety of sizes. Included are pearl blue opera gloves with a scalloped cuff sewn to a gold band and a small white bow on the each hand, along with a pearl necklace.


A shimmering multi-layered skirt coming in pale blue, aqua, pale indigo, and indigo, folded under one another with the last layer being scalloped. A white frilly petticoat sticks out from the bottom. Sewn to the back is a pale blue ribbon lined in gold. Included are dark blue sandals with a pale blue strap lined by gold lace and attached to a gold star. Glittering dark blue ribbon ties from the strap and wraps around the ankle.


An aqua headband with a white pearl chain, along with colorful pearls adorning it. On the side is a small, pale pink star and a larger, dull blue sea flower.

Coord BoxEdit

Top Bottoms Accessory

Brilliant Lagoon Jewel Dress Top

Brilliant Lagoon Jewel Skirt & Pumps

Brilliant Lagoon Jewel Headband



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