C'n'D is a brand introduced in Wave 3 of KiraKira Shiny Star.
Logo CD

The brand logo is a thin wooden circle with two pastel flowers circling two large acorn, one dark brown, one light. A small piece of wood rests beneath this with C'n'D written on it.


To obtain their version of the Disney Magic Castle stage, players will need to use the Chip & Dale key. After using it they will be able to play the Mickey and Friends stage with the inclusion of Chip and Dale, as well as their Appeal if they wear a C'n'D coord.

Card DesignEdit

A split designed card separated by a piece of wood that has Chip and Dale wrote on it. The lower portion is a gradient of yellow, gold, and orange with glittery stars, wood, acorns, and leaf. The top portion is yellow, gold, and pink depicting the Disney castle. In the upper left corner is a pale blue and gold Shiny Star hat.






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  • The official website lists the wave 6 coord as being part of the Mickey and Friends brand, although the cards have the C'n'D logo.


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