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The Chandelier Shiny Star Coord is a Coord released during Wave 3 of KiraKira Shiny Star. It is a Shiny Rare coord from Beauty and the Beast.


Chandelier Shiny Star DressEdit

A glittering, pale gold top with gold curling designs. A thin band of brown circles the beige ruffled material trimming both the top and bottom, accenting those sewn to the middle of the chest. At the middle of the collar is a large droplet ruby surrounded by much smaller amethyst and crystal gems. Two gold chains hang from the chest adorned with small crystal gems to match the included necklace. Beige opera gloves are worn over the hands.

Chandelier Shiny Star Skirt & PumpsEdit

A beige, two layered ruffle with a piece worn over it resembling the top. Adorning the top skirt are several tiny crystal, amethyst, and ruby gems, including ruby droplet-shaped gems resting above a white candlestick. Comes with pale gold pumps accent by gold detail and a single, small amethyst on top of the foot. A thin beaded chain circles the ankle with a single crystal gem.

Chandelier Shiny Star TiaraEdit

A simple gold tiara with a red droplet gem in the middle, resting above a single crystal and two amethyst gems.

Coord BoxEdit

Top Bottoms & Shoes Accessory
Chandelier Shiny Star Dress
Chandelier Shiny Star Skirt & Pumps
Chandelier Shiny Star Tiara



Official ArtEdit

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