The Cheerful Flower Corona Coord is a Coord released during Flower Season in KiraKira Shiny Star. It is a rare coord from the series Rapunzel on the Tower. It resembles the Tender Flower Corona Coord.



A one-piece outfit composed of a yellow top that has a ruffled bottom and two-layer sleeves of yellow and white. White frills go down the middle of the chest with a piece lining the top, accent with a single purple vine-like line. Around the navel is a brown corset band with gold string and detail. The ruffled skirt is white with a purple scalloped line on the hem and yellow, point-cut fabric over it. At each point is a gold symbol, while covering the right is a large purple gradient floral design. The brown and gold shoes have gold and orange ribbon lacing the foot and ankle with a dark purple strap and flowers on the foot. The user gains a gold pearl necklace with a ruby gem on it, along with a floral wrist accessory that has a tiny ribbon.


A flower crown made from several white, light blue, pink, gold, and violet flowers.

Coord BoxEdit

Top + Bottom Accessory

Cheerful Flower Corona Dress & Pumps


Rapunzel Flower Crown ___



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