The Chip & Dale Natural Coord is a Coord released during Wave 3 of KiraKira Shiny Star. It is a Rare coord from C'n'D and is based on Chip.

It resembles the Chip & Dale Naturally Coord.


Chip & Dale Natural BlouseEdit

A dark green blouse with beige diagonal stripes, each with a line of crimson in the center. The puffed sleeves are brown with a lighter cuff. The center of the torso is beige with six gold acorn shaped buttons and lining of black and white. Ruffles beige material is sewn around the bottom and top, making up the collar.

Chip & Dale Natural Skirt & BootsEdit

A striped skirt made of three patterns, including gold with glitter and white dots, alternating with brown sections that have a single line of white and black on the side. At each corner is a dark green section with diagonal beige stripes accent by a thin crimson line. A beige frilly petticoat rests underneath this. Comes with golden brown glittering boots with dark brown bottom and beige shoelaces. The cuff matches the green section of the skirt and top.

Chip & Dale Natural Head AccessoryEdit

A brown bow with a pale pink center reminiscent of Chip's ears. Sewn to the side of each ear is a trim of beige frills.

Coord BoxEdit

Top Bottoms & Shoes Accessory
Chip & Dale Natural Blouse
Chip & Dale Natural Skirt & Boots
Chip & Dale Natural Head Accessory



Official ArtEdit

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