The Classic Pretty Coord is a Coord released during Wave 3 of KiraKira Shiny Star. It is a Normal rank in the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs brand.


Classic Pretty Ruffle StyleEdit

A white long-sleeved shirt with a soft blue dress worn over it. The waist is a very dark raspberry with brown woven string, while lining the bottom are pink designs to accent the magenta button on each sleeve. The collar is lined with a turquoise design and a single, square-shaped gem in the middle. Included are brown boots with a dot line on the cuff and black bottoms. Sewn to the back corner is a yellow flower with a green pearl in the middle. Worn with the boots are dark raspberry gradient stockings.

Classic Pretty Ruffle HairbandEdit

A beige headband lined with pink. Black string is woven over it with a string bow tied at the bottom of each side.

Coord BoxEdit

Dress & Shoes Accessory

Classic Pretty Ruffle Style


Classic Pretty Ruffle Hairband



Official ArtEdit

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