The Crystal Blanche Shiny Star Coord was released during Wave 5 of KiraKira Shiny Star. It is a Shiny Rare from the Shiny Star Story brand.


Crystal Blanche Shiny Star Dress TopEdit

A top made to resemble pieces of pale blue, crystal, and green crystal shards. The top is lined in gold to match the straps hanging beneath the shoulder, which is decorated with matching gem pieces. On the middle of the chest resides a pink crystal flower lined in gold with a tiny gold ornament. A gold choker with gem shards is included, along with pale yellow opera gloves with gold lining.

Crysal Blanche Shiny Star Skirt & PumpsEdit

The skirt matches the top, with the addition of flowers and leaf designs. Around the middle are large roses, alternating between pink and emerald. Gold pumps with gold lining are included with a pink gem rose and green leaf sewn to the toe.

Crystal Blanche Shiny Star HeadbandEdit

A headband made from three pink and white gem roses. Surrounding them on each side are two pale blue diamonds.

Coord BoxEdit

Top Bottoms Accessory
Crystal Blanche Shiny Star Dress Top

Crystal Blanche Shiny Star Skirt & Pumps


Crystal Blanche Shiny Star Headband


  • The word Blanche is french-german word, and it translates as white, pure. This ties in with the name, which could translates as "crystal pure" or "pure crystal" to match it's design.



Official ArtEdit

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