The Dale・Cute Coord is a Coord released during Wave 5 of KiraKira Shiny Star. It is a Normal coord from C'n'D and resembles the Chip・Cute Coord.


Dale・Cute Puff Blouse & BootsEdit

An outfit composed of a caramel blouse that has cream fluffy trim on the collar and sleeves to match the coloring at the middle of the torso. Hanging from the collar is a green and brown acorn. Includes a pair of puffy shorts that have a mahogany-colored cuff on each leg and Dale's tail sewn to the back. The shoes are simple, cream heels worn with caramel stockings.

Dale・Cute HeadbandEdit

A pair of caramel ears reminiscent of Chip's own. In the center are tufts of hair.

Coord BoxEdit

Dress & Shoes Accessory

Dale・Cute Puff Blouse & Boots


Dale・Cute Headband


Official ArtEdit

Game PicsEdit


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