Dreamy Pink
The Dream Passport is a device released October 7, 2017 for a total of 9,980 yen. 

It is useable with the Disney Magic Castle Kira Kira Shiny Star arcade game.

Currently there are two styles available: Dreamy Pink and Shiny Mint.





The pass resembles a book with a pastel border and accent colors, one being blue-mint with pale accents, the other is pale pink with violet accents. The middle has a detailed border, along with a gem mickey head with a banner above it (white for dreamy, dark pink for shiny) that has writing that spells out Dream Passport. On both the top and bottom of this is a small gem (white for pink, blue for mint).


The inside lid resembles the outside but with less detail, while the opposide side resides the screen, which rests on a pale base. Beneath the screen is a gem (pink or blue) with a gold designed border. A pale colored "pen" is included.



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