Easter Party SParkling
The Easter Party Sparkling Coord is a Coord released during Flower Season in KiraKira Shiny Star as a KeyPower Up coord from the brand Mickey and Friends. It resembles the Easter Bunny Shiny Star Coord.



A ruffled white top with a white vest and lime lapel, adorned by a colorful egg emblem that hangs from the collar. A light blue jacket is worn over this with a colorful scalloped sleeve cuff lined in gold and trim with two-layered frills. The lapel has a colorful diamond tile pattern lined in gold, and holding it together is a glittering yellow ribbon.


A balloon skirt made from diamond tiles of custard, fuchsia, lilac, azure, and cyan. A golden vine wraps around the hem and is adorned with yellow, orange, and hot pink flowers. The bottom is trim by white scalloped fabric. Worn with this is a pair of white boots with a light blue toe and gold detail. Sewn to the side of the boot is a pink flower, while frills line the cuff.



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