The Elegant Puffy Winter Coord is a Coord released during 1st Anniversary of KiraKira Shiny Star. It is a Rare coord from Mickey and Friends. The Crystal Night Winter Coord and Twinkle Snow Winter Coord resemble it.



A beige jacket trim with black puffed fabric and a trim of lighter fur around the bottom. Pale beige fabric covers the collarbone and neck with lines covering it. In the middle is a red poinsettia with pearls on it, and on the chest are four, large black buttons. Comes with red gloves that have pom-poms sewn to the wrist, along with red shoes that have a beige cuff and black trim. A white poinsettia resides in the center with gold pearls on it. Worn with these are black tights.


A beige winter hat with thin tan lines all over it to match the dress. Sewn to the corner is a large red, white, and gold ribbon with a red poinsettia flower that has pearls on it.

Coord BoxEdit

Dress Accessory

Elegant Puffy Winter Dress & Boots


Elegant Puffy Winter Hat



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