The Etoile ・ Shiny Star Coord is a Coord released during Wave 6 of KiraKira Shiny Star. It is a Shiny Rare coord from Sofia the First, and bares resemblance to the two main outfits Sofia is shown wearing.



A glittering purple blouse with a scalloped violet layer partially exposed around the bottom. Ruffled raspberry fabric lines the top, while pastel purple glittering bunched sleeves wrap around the shoulder. At the middle of the chest is pale chiffon coloring with a purple gradient design and a single, purple diamond gem in the center. Comes with a gold pearl choker with small chains and three gems of purple and azure hanging from it. 


A princess skirt composed of two alternating fabrics in a floral shape, residing over a light violet pleat petticoat. One piece of fabric is glittering purple with a lighter purple design, while the other is pale chiffon with the design from the chest covering it. Included are glittering, light violet pumps with a metallic sole and gems of dark blue and purple residing on the foot.


A pearl tiara with tiny blue pearls lining the bottom. The top has an ornate heart and vine design, with gems of garnet and dark purple in the center residing beneath a diamond. Surrounding the heart are diamond spheres and dark purple flower shapes.

Coord BoxEdit

Top Bottoms Accessory

Etoile ・ Shiny Star Dress Top

Etoile ・ Shiny Star Skirt & Pumps

Etoile ・ Shiny Star Tiara



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