Besides Events taking place in various locations for in-game things, there are also special events that occur within the game at various points.

These events normally include several special items to go with a new song and/or coord, such as brand new Sparkling Aura. However, they are only available at certain time periods and if they are not obtained by the player during them, they won't be unlockable later.

List of EventsEdit

The Three CaballerosEdit

From December 26, 2016 until February 1st, 2017.

Donald and his friends, Jose and Panchito gain a song and temporarily change the Aura featured in the Donald Girly Coord.


From February 2nd, 2017 to ___.

When the player performs using the Minnie Winter Coord they will perform appeals with Mickey and Minnie donning festive winter attire.


From April 6, 2017 to ___.

The Player can perform in a special easter edition of the Disney Magic Castle stage. If they wear the easter coords they can gain access to the Appeal associated with it, as well as unlock easter-themed Sparkling Aura.

Tanabata/Spacey StarEdit

From June 5, 2017 until ___.

A stage and song featuring Daisy and Donald. If the user wears the right coords or gains the corresponding keys, they can gain star-themed Sparkling Aura and perform the matching Appeals.

Summer FestivalEdit


From September 22 until October 31st.

Castletone is transformed into an evening haunt full of pumpkins and decorations. Minnie and Mickey join the player in their own unique costumes. The player can gain special coords, perform matching appeals, and gain sweet-themed Aura.


Happy New Year 2018Edit

From January 1st until the 6th.

This event features the three Caballeros.


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