The Fantastical Stars Celebration Coord is a Coord released during 1st Anniversary of KiraKira Shiny Star. It is a Promotional coord from Mickey and Friends. It can be obtained from the 2nd official fanbook.



A crimson dress with gold detail adorned with sapphire and sky blue gems. On the chest is a gold strip on either side held by multiple buttoned straps. White fabric covers the neck with a single gem sewn to the center on a gold base. Around the waist is a glittering royal blue ribbon lined in gold with ruffled tails, held by a gold mickey head and accent by gems. The same royal blue fabric covers the lower arm, with additional soft blue star shapes and a white and gold pointed cuff. The same glittering fabric sticks out of the bottom of the skirt with darker blue lining. The user gains crimson shoes with a white and gold cuff adorned by a royal blue glittering bow. Comes with dull blue and white glittering gradient tights.


A glittering, royal blue ribbon with tiny gold stars and a single, larger star on the left corner.

Coord BoxEdit

Dress Accessory

Fantastical Stars Celebration Dress & Boots


Fantastical Stars Celebration Ribbon



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