The Disney Fantasy Shop is an online shop ran by Belle Maison. They include various, exclusive Disney Magic Castle KiraKira Shiny Star merchandise and may include special cards or promotions one can obtain from various purchases.

Tote BagEdit

  • Price: 2,490 yen

A tote bag with the coloring made to resemble a sky fading from sunset to evening, with the lower portion decorate with clouds and the upper decorated with various glittering shapes made from stars. Fireworks of various colors are also visible. In the middle is a large glowing gold mickey head shape with six glowing circles, three on each side, all of which depict different characters and scenes. The straps are milk blue, and located on the bottom is the Disney Magic Castle logo. 

Glasses CaseEdit

  • Price: 1,490 yen
  • Includes: Glasses Case x1, Cleaning Cloth x1

A two-piece item one can purchase. The case is navy blue with faded bubbles, colorful tiny mickey heads, and glitter covering the fabric. Feel The Magic is written in gold cursive with two glowing bubbles, one at each corner decorated with Tinker Bell on one side, and Genie on the other.

The cleaning cloth provided is from a scene in the trailer for the Arcade Game, featuring Mickey in his Shiny Star Coord, surrounded by sparkles and standing before the Castle. The logo for the game resides in the lower right corner.

Big Mobile PouchEdit

  • Price: 1,490 yen
  • Includes: Big Mobile Pouch x1 (2 styles available)

One style is a denim blue color with flecks of various blues, mickey heads, and sparkles covering it. In the upper right corner is a white traced Mickey Head, while Mickey stands on the lower corner with a finger pointing out, wearing his Shiny Star Coord. The sky blue drawstring is attached to a white piece.

A purple, lavender, and gold gradient pouch with dark purple drawstring attached to a black piece. Mickey and Minnie, dressed in their shiny star attire stand in the middle, over the series logo. Small mickey heads and sparkles adorn the pouch.


  • Price: 1,188 yen

A blue, oval-shaped hankerchief lined in dark blue with Feel The Magic written in gold cursive in the center, surrounded with sparkles, dots, and mickey heads. Mickey and Minnie surround this, posing in their shiny star attire.


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