The Flower Garden Tyrolean Coord is a Coord released during Flower Season in KiraKira Shiny Star. It is a Normal coord from Rapunzel on the Tower. It is a recolor of the Rapunzel Coryphee Coord.



A white blouse with puffy sleeves and ruffled lining around the bottom. The neck is lined with white frills and a colorful floral design resides under it. A green vest lined in red with purple and orange designs is worn over it.


A long blue skirt with a colorful, flower design around the hem. Around the bottom are stripes of red, light blue, green, and purple. Dark brown sandals are included with a floral dark blue strap with frilly border and a light red bow sewn to the center.


A dark blue ribbon accent with gold detail and a dull purple border. A flower design rests on the dark blue fabric, and sewn to the middle are two flowers, one white with a gold center, the other is pale gold with an orange center.

Coord BoxEdit

Top Bottoms Accessory

Flower Garden Tyrolean Blouse

Flower Garden Tyrolean Skirt & Sandal

Flower Garden Tyrolean Ribbon



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