The Glamorous Magic ・ Shiny Star Coord is a Coord released during Wave 6 of KiraKira Shiny Star. It is a Shiny Rare coord from Aladdin.
Glamourous Magic



A glittering light purple top with puffed lilac sleeves and a golden ornate border. A flower-shaped ornament resides at the middle, while bead chains dangle from the bottom. The sleeve cuff matches the bottom. On the chest is an off-white, gold, and green gem design. Includes is a necklace covered in tiny pearls and adorned with gems of purple, blue, green, and gold. On each hand are gold ornate pieces that wrap around a single finger and the wrist.


A skirt made of folded fabrics. The main left portion is glittering lilac with a gold ornate border and piece of glittering, light purple scalloped fabric on top of it. Pieces of pastel indigo cloth wraps around the waist, along with a gold waistband, gold chains with ornaments and tassels, and a piece of light turquoise fabric with a design on it and gold fringe. The right portion is composed of the glittering light purple fabric with a white and gold border and pastel indigo fabric draped around the upper portion. Hanging down the right side are several dangles with stones coming in a variety of blue colors. The inside of the fabric is pastel indigo with gold and white designs. Included are gold sandals with a toe strap bound by a light purple gem that connects to the top of the foot and studded anklets.


A gold and white pearl headband with a flower and tassels on the right, and an ornate crescent moon on the left, adorned with a turquoise gem and droplet dangles o gold and white.

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Top Bottoms Accessory

Glamorous Magic ・ Shiny Star Dress Top

Glamorous Magic ・ Shiny Star Skirt & Mules

Glamorous Magic ・ Shiny Star Headband




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