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The Happy Chocomint Coord is a Coord released during Wave 2 of KiraKira Shiny Star. It is a Rare rank from the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs brand and was one of the Valentine's Day coords.


Happy Chocomint Dress & Knee HighEdit

A white frilly top with a dark chocolate, slightly ruffled corset sewn around the middle of the torso, lined in turquoise silk to match the ribbon on the sleeve and lining the collar. An ornate dark chocolate bow with gold accents and turquoise ribbon tails. The skirt is in two layers, one white, and one pale blue mint in a folded shape. For the neck is a pale pearl necklace. Comes with blue turquoise slip-ons with dark chocolate bottom and a trim of frills on top of the foot. A turquoise bow with a chocolate center accent by gold rests in front of the ankle. Comes with diamond tile stockings of mint and chocolate. Frills trim the top of the sock with a turquoise ribbon.

Happy Chocomint Mini HatEdit

A mint and dark chocolate diamond tile cap. Around the bottom is turquoise ribbon with white frill trim on top and a row of pearls around the bottom. Three ornate dark chocolate pieces adorn the front with designs on two of them.

Coord BoxEdit

Dress & Shoes Accessory

Happy Chocomint Dress & Knee High


Happy Chocomint Mini Hat


Official ArtEdit


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