The Happy Easter Strawberry Field Coord is a Coord released during Flower Season in KiraKira Shiny Star for the Easter 2018 event. It is a Rare coord from Mickey and Friends. It resembles the Happy Easter Green Field Coord.



A green, yellow, and blue check top with fluff sewn around the bottom of the sleeve and neck. Going down the middle is a white frilly strip decorated by a gold and peach floral pattern alternating with brown stitching. At the middle of the chest is a pink knotted ribbon that has a flower on one side.


Pink balloon pants with a thin lime band around the waist and a fluffy bunny tail sewn on back. The leg cuffs are made from check fabric, and sewn on each side is a big sky blue button to match those on the side of the leg cuff. Flowers of white, lilac, cyan, and yellow are sewn on each pocket. Gold shoes with darker sole and green strings are included with a pale yellow cuff. Sewn to the side is a pom-pom, and worn with these are white stockings covered in colorful dots. 


A pink paper boy cap with polka-dot pattern and a pair of white and pink bunny ears sewn on top. Flowers and pins decorate the side and corner.

Coord BoxEdit

Top Bottoms Accessory

Happy Easter Strawberry Field Top

Happy Easter Strawberry Field Pants & Shoes

Happy Easter Strawberry Field ___



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