The Jasmine ・ Princess Coord is a Coord released during Wave 6 of KiraKira Shiny Star. It is a Rare coord from Aladdin.
Jasmine Princess



An outfit composed of a turquoise bikini top lined in gold with a blue gem sewn to the middle of the chest. Tiny gold medallions hang from the bottom. The user also wears puffy turquoise pants with gold bands around the ankle to match the gem adorned waistband. Hanging from it is a pale blue peplum, emerald fabric with strands hanging on the right corner, and a golden strand hanging around each hip with dangles. Over this outfit is a turquoise jacket-like piece with angular sleeves and gold lining. A pale blue pointed cape hangs from it, each tipped with a gold accent. The user also gains pale blue arm accessories with emerald lining and a band of gold around the top, gold bangles, and gold, point-toe shoes with think anklets.


A gold and turquoise tiara with tiny blue, yellow, and red stones surrounding a large blue oval-shaped gem. The user gains gold medallion-like earrings.

Coord BoxEdit

Top + Bottom Accessory

Jasmine ・Princess Dress & Pumps


Jasmine ・Princess Tiara




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