The Lana Shiny Star Coord was released during Wave 5 of KiraKira Shiny Star. It is a Shiny Rare from the Lilo & Stitch brand.


Lana Shiny Star Dress TopEdit

A soft blue gradient, glittering top with scalloped lining and small gems sewn around the bottom. A beige fringe is sewn around the chest. Sewn to the middle is a matching bow, adorned with colorful flowers and two pearl chains, which connects to an azure bead and a tassel, along with a woven necklace decorated with the same beads. On the shoulder are gold and white flower bunches with two pearl chains and beads looped around the arm. Comes with matching bracelets.

Lana Shiny Star Skirt & MuleEdit

A skirt in two layers that matches the top, decorated with several white flowers. The waistband is woven with tiny pearl chains hanging from it, held by azure beads. The skirt is shaped to reveal a beige mini-skirt with white and gold flower drawings, pale beige bunched fabric held with azure beads, and azure accents. Comes with a pair of light brown mules with a strap matching the bow on the top, and on the ankle are ornate pearl chain accessories decorated with azure beads.

Lana Shiny Star HeadbandEdit

A headband with the fabric from the bow, lined with woven material. On each side are flowers, and hanging from the left corner is a piece of ruffled, folded pale blue fabric.

Coord BoxEdit

Top Bottoms Accessory
Lana Shiny Star Dress Top

Lana Shiny Star Skirt & Mule


Lana Shiny Star Headband



Official ArtEdit

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