Magical Shiny Keys

The two original 'Magical Shiny keys'

Magical Shiny Keys are a special merchandise product that will be released November 4th for 1080 yen a piece.

Each Magical Key comes with it's own character theme, clasp to remove it or attach it to the bead necklace they come with, and a special bonus to unlock something in the game.


Each key is pearlized with a sparkling background in the middle, where the character resides. Randomly placed is a gem, while the keys "teeth", frame, and mickey ears are stylized to resemble the character. Each key includes a gem bead chain, consisting of clear beads, two other unique colors, and a large pearl.

Wave 1Edit


  • Key design: Clam mickey ears and teeth hole. The frame has an ornate design.
  • Bead Colors: Pale Blue, Turquoise.
  • Gem: Turquoise, located on the bottom of the left ear.
  • In-Game Bonus: Pastel Blue hair color.


  • Key design: Ornate border. The right mickey ear and key hole detail the rose.
  • Bead Colors: Rose Pink, Pale Blue
  • Gem: Ruby, directly above Belle.
  • In-Game Bonus: Honey Beige hair color.


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