The Majestic Amethyst Arabian Coord is a Coord released during the 1st Anniversary of KiraKira Shiny Star. It is a Rare coord from Aladdin.



A shimmering purple gradient turtle-neck with layers of pleated ruffles around the bottom. Several pearl chains adorn the chest and neck, along with a silver ornate piece covered in tiny pearls and a single, large amethyst gem. Similiar chains wrap around the shoulder. Comes with purple and white gradient puffed sleeves with ruffled cuff and a pearl chain inches beneath the top.


A layered, lilac ruffled pleat skirt that has a purple gradient shimmering skirt reminiscent of a cape. Four large amethyst gems hang from the skirt, one at each tip, while pearls line the skirt, along with mauve ruffled fabric. Mauve mules are included with silver lining the bottom. A gem accent is on each toe, while included pearl anklets have an amethyst hanging from the center.


A silver tiara with mauve accent, each section adorned by an amethyst or ruby gem. A large, oval-shaped amethyst resides in the middle.

Coord BoxEdit

Top Bottoms Accessory

Majestic Amethyst Arabian Dress Top

Majestic Amethyst Arabian Skirt & Mule

Majestic Amethyst Arabian Tiara



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