The Marigold Elegant Coord is a Coord released during Wave 4 of KiraKira Shiny Star. It is a Rare coord from Beauty and the Beast.


Marigold Elegant Dress TopEdit

A brown to gold gradient top lined with frills along the neck and bottom, worn beneath a pale gold blouse sewn over it and trim with pale yellow ruffles. Curling vine designs reside along the top of the chest and shoulders. Comes with gold opera gloves and a brown choker accent by a ruby gem.

Marigold Elegant Skirt & PumpsEdit

A gold skirt in multiple layers residing over a pale yellow pleat petticoat. The main portion is lined in gold and gradient gold to brown silk and adorned with curling vine designs and ruby gems. Sewn over this layer is a frilly section sewn on the side and back of the skirt and lined with pale yellow frills. The middle of the skirt has a strip of brown at the hem, lined with pale gold designs and detail and accent by frills and a single ruby gem. Pale yellow and gold shoes with brown bottom are included, adorned with a gold bow.

Marigold Elegant Hair SetEdit

A pink rose for the hair with two leaf and pale pink ribbon tails hanging from it covered in a white vine design.

Coord BoxEdit

Top Bottoms & Shoes Accessory
Marigold Elegant Dress Top
Marigold Elegant Skirt & Pumps
Marigold Elegant Hair Set



Official ArtEdit

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