The Mickey Shiny Star Coord is one of the first Coords released during Wave 1 of KiraKira Shiny Star. It is a Shiny Rare from the brand Mickey and Friends. The Dream Night Shiny Star Coord is based off of it.

This coord is based on Mickey's costume from Magic Castle/Magical World 2.


Mickey Shiny Star Suit & BootsEdit

A suit composed of a white top worn beneath a dark green vest lined in silver to match the buttons sewn to the center and flaps of light green. Over this is a pearl gradient jacket lined in gold to match the buttons on the torso and fringe on each shoulder. White swirls adorn the torso and sleeves, while the lapel, cuff, and inside of the jacket is a blue glittering gradient. Two black buttons rest on the side of each cuff. Hanging from each tail of the coat is a gold star, while resting at the neck is a white cravat held with a glittering red bow adorned with a single gold mickey head. Beneath the cravat rests a chain of gold beads and a small badge. Comes with a pair of short pants to match the jacket, accent by a silver diamond pattern on the side of the leg, and a pair of gold and black boots.

Mickey Shiny Star HatEdit

A  wizard cap lined in gold with the cone portion cut to resemble a curling ribbon with a gold star on the tip. White curl designs adorn the cone and rim, along with thin gold straps. The inside is a gradient of blue colors. Sewn to the corner rests a mickey emblem with two feathers attached, one light blue, one plum.

Coord BoxEdit

Dress & Shoes Accessory

Mickey Shiny Star Suit & Boots


Mickey Shiny Star Hat




Official ArtEdit

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