The Minnie Shiny Star Coord is one of the first Coords released during Wave 1 of KiraKira Shiny Star. It is a Shiny Rare and is one of the coords that can be obtained from the game machine. The Sunshine・Shiny Star Coord is based on it.

This coord is based on Minnie's Shiny costume from Magic Castle/Magical World 2.


Minnie Shiny Star Dress & BootsEdit

A glittering pink dress with three gold diamonds on each side of the torso, attached to a thin silver strap. Around the bottom is a thin band of gold, while a white frilly collar rests behind the neck. The sleeves are made of the sheer material with thin gold lines and a gold cuff with tiny small gems. The skirt is in four layers, one being the main pink section, lined in gold. Above this are four, pale grey petals with white curled heart designs and lining of indigo and gold. A gold star hangs from each tip, while a gold beaded accessory rests on top of it with a larger gold star on top of each petal. The final two layers are made of white pleat ruffles. Comes with short white gloves, each with a glittering pink and white bow lined in gold, along with a pair of white shoes accent with gold glittering sections, four straps, and a solid light gold toe.

Minnie Shiny Star HatEdit

A white glittering wizard or witch hat lined in gold with a purple ribbon wrapped around the middle and a pastel rainbow gradient. On top rests a gold star with two ribbons hanging from it, one gold, one raspberry. White curling heart designs are print on the hat, along with gold lines. A hot pink and white striped glittering ribbon rests on the front corner with a gold mickey head and a single blue and mint gradient feather. On the side is a small gold hanging chain with a single star hanging from it.

Coord BoxEdit

Dress & Shoes Accessory

Minnie Shiny Star Dress & Boots


Minnie Shiny Star Hat




Official ArtEdit

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