The Minnie Flower Corsage Coord is a special coord included with the first official Binder. It is a promotional coord released during Wave 2.


Minnie Flower Corsage BlouseEdit

A pale pink shiny blouse covered in pale blue and pink flowers. Lining the center of the torso is fuchsia ribbon with a flower textured print and trim of frills, including pale gold material in the center of the torso. Pale gold frills line each sleeve to match the bottom. Covering the sleeves are small pink flowers, matching the band of pink and blue flowers going around the top of the chest. A large, soft blue flower rests on the lower left of the torso. A blue necklace with a pink flower is included.

Minnie Flower Corsage Mini-Skirt & PumpsEdit

A pale pink shiny skirt to match the top, accent by four sections of pale gold frills in three diagonal strips and one that rests beneath the kirt. Sewn around the bottom of the skirt are large flowers alternating between soft blue and pink, each with a gem alternating from the color. Comes with pale pink shiny pumps with a row of tiny blue pearls on top of the foot and a pink flower.

Minnie Flower Corsage TiaraEdit

A large, pale pink ribbon with a small gold tiara sewn to the front. Pink pearls line the tiara and three flowers adorn it, two small blue, and one, slightly bigger pink in the middle. Two cyan oval gems adorn the tiara, while a large gem rests on the tips of the tiara, two diamond, one pink.

Coord BoxEdit

Top Bottoms & Shoes Accessory
Minnie Flower Corsage Blouse
Minnie Flower Corsage Mini-Skirt & Pumps
Minnie Flower Corsage Tiara


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