The 'Piglet Pink Puffy Coord is a Coord released during Wave 2 of KiraKira Shiny Star. It is a Normal rank from the Winnie the Pooh brand.


Piglet Pink Puffy SweaterEdit

A pink top with thin rings of purple and the collar and cuff made from pale fluff. The sleeves are pastel pink to match the silk ribbon around the bottom. In the middle is a pale pink bow.

Piglet Pink Puffy Skirt & Round ToeEdit

A pink skirt with thin lines of purple and very thin pleat at each corner. Pale fluff circles the bottom of the skirt. Included are pink shoes with pale cream socks with fluffy trim and purple rings. Sewn to the center of the ankle is a pale pink bow.

Piglet Pink Puffy Cone HatEdit

A pastel pink cone with a trim of pink fluff around the bottom. A large, pale fluffy pom-pom is sewn to the tip with pink silk ribbons.

Coord BoxEdit

Top Bottoms & Shoes Accessory

Piglet Pink Puffy Sweater

Piglet Pink Puffy Skirt & Round Toe
Piglet Pink Puffy Cone Hat



Official ArtEdit


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