The Platinum Marine Coord was released during Wave 5 of KiraKira Shiny Star. It is a Normal coord from the Shiny Star Story brand. It is reminiscent of the Wisteria Purple Coord.


Platinum Marine Dress & PumpsEdit

A mint dress with a band of pale turqoise beneath the chest. Pale blue pearl fabric adorns the center of the chest, matching the ruffled lower half of the sleeves, which is accent with a curling strip of material. Two rows of pearls line the bottom of the shoulder and middle of the chest, along with frills trimming the neck. At the middle of the chest is a pearl ornament composed of a ribbon and a base that has a large blue gem on it. A yellow droplet hangs from the gem. The skirt is in four layers, the top and second ruffled and adorned with yellow pearls and glitter. The second layer is pale pearl blue with silver lining to match the sleeves, and the final layer is made of a frilly petticoat.

Platinum Marine TiaraEdit

A tiara made of pearl, gradient by shades of turquoise, purple, and yellow. In the center is an azure stylized flower-like sta adorned with three tiny blue gems.

Coord BoxEdit

Dress & Shoes Accessory

Platinum Marine Dress & Pumps


Platinum Marine Tiara



Official ArtEdit

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