The Princettia Heart Christmas Coord is a Coord released during Wave 6 of KiraKira Shiny Star. It is a Rare coord from Mickey and Friends. It is based on the Christmas dress Minnie Mouse wears for the collection.



A crimson dress with puffed shoulders and a pointed, glittering gold cuff. A gold, ornate heart design resides at the middle of the chest, while white fabric wraps around the neck with a ruby gem in the center. Around the waist is a thin gold band with gold mickey head, red and gold spheres, and flowing amethyst and gold glittering ribbon. The skirt is in several layers, the top reminiscent of a poinsettia flower with gold petals sticking out beneath it, following an amethyst layer with gold designs and fringe lining, and lastly a white scalloped petticoat. Comes with sheer tights and crimson, glittering shoes that have a gold and amethyst cuff adorned by a gold bow, each with a ruby in the middle.


A glittering crimson bow lined in gold.

Coord BoxEdit

Dress & Shoes Accessory
Princettia Heart Christmas Dress and Boots

Princettia Heart Christmas Ribbon