The Rapunzel Coryphee Coord is a Coord released during Flower Season in KiraKira Shiny Star. It is a Normal coord from Rapunzel on the Tower.



A lilac blouse with puffy, light purple and lilac striped sleeves and lining around the bottom. The neck is lined with white frills and a raspberry design resides under it. A lilac vest-like layer is sewn over it and bound by lighter colored ribbon.


A long, raspberry gradient skirt with a slight glittery texture and pale designs circling the bottom. Sewn on the side is a split in the fabric bound by gold string. Dark brown sandals are included with straps attached from the lilac lace foot strap and wrap around the ankle. Sewn to the middle is a lilac bow.


A lilac and light purple striped ribbon decorated with two flowers. One is white with a gold center, while the other is pale gold with an orange center.

Coord BoxEdit

Top Bottoms Accessory

Rapunzel Coryphee Blouse

Rapunzel Coryphee Skirt & Sandal

Rapunzel Coryphee Ribbon


  • Coryphee is a french word translating as One who dances in a small ballet group and ranks beneath a soloist.


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