Wave 2 was released for the February 2nd, 2017 update of the game.

With Wave 2, 6 Keys are available for purchase in the Gachapon machine for 400 yen a piece.

Normal KeysEdit

Character Image Appearance
Donald Duck
A blue key with an average base featuring Donald over a yellow and white striped background. One ear is shaped like a life preserver, while the other has Donalds hat worn before it. The cut out shape is an anchor.
Daisy Duck
A lavender minnie key featuring Daisy with lavender hearts. One ear has a large daisy on it, while the other has two smaller flowers. The cut out shape is a flower.
Snow White
An apple-colored key with Snow White and a bird surrounding by blue sparkles. The base has a tiny bow on top of it and is surrounded by fruit, flowers, and butterflies. One ear is made to resemble a poisoned apple, while the other has small birds on it. The cut shape is an apple.
The Seven Dwarfs
A lime key featuring the seven dwarfs. Gems adorn the base to match the several decorating each ear. The cut shape is a pickaxe.
A pink key with Piglet surrounded by yellow flowers. The same flowers cover the base and line each ear, along with butterflies. The cut shape is piglets head.
A gold key with Pluto surrounded by bones to match the cut shape. The Mickey ears are shaped to resemble a dogs paw.

Promotional/Alternative KeysEdit

Shiny KeysEdit

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