The Snow White Apple Strudel Coord is a Coord released during Flower Season in KiraKira Shiny Star. It is a rare coord from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.



A maroon dress with padded sleeves lined by frilly white cuff to accent the collar. Going down the middle of the chest i a pale pink band lined with gold frills and adorned by a row of gems. Around the navel is a dark blue band with a gold center piece, attached to chains hanging around the hip. The bottom of the skirt is ruffled with a gold fringe, with the sides covered in pastel flowers. Beneath the main skirt layer is pale pink fabric covered in glitter of white and dark pink, and decorated by a gold ornate band on the hem. A white ruffled petticoat sticks out from beneath this. Included is an apple gem necklace and a pair of glittering blue shoes with a gold sole and a tiny red bow on the foot, these being worn with pale blue gradient tights.


A gold tiara with an apple gem in the middle, surrounded by diamonds of sky blue and amethyst.

Coord BoxEdit

Top + Bottom Accessory

Snow White Apple Strudel Dress & Pumps

Snow White Apple Tiara



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