The Sofia ・ Pretty Pink Princess Coord is a Coord released during the 1st Anniversary of KiraKira Shiny Star. It is a Promotional coord from Sofia the First, and is a recolor of the Sofia ・ Pretty Princess Coord. It is available in vol. 12 of the official magazine.



A pink glittering dress with pale pink ruffles lining each sleeve to accent those at the middle of the chest. A pale pink band wraps around the navel, and the skirt is a matching color, coated in glitter and trim with pale rose ruffles sewn to a rose-colored band. The peplum is in two layers, each lined in pearls. The top covers the waist with several pearls adorning it, while the second layer is a large petal-like shape, with a white glittering design on each one. Rose glittering shoes are included, worn with a pair of pink gradient tights and a choker.


A silver tiara studded with pearls and tiny pink gems.

Coord BoxEdit

Top + Bottom Accessory

Sofia ・Pretty Pink Princess Dress


Sofia ・Pretty Pink Princess Tiara



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