The Sofia ・ Pretty Princess Coord is a Coord released during Wave 6 of KiraKira Shiny Star. It is a Rare coord from Sofia the First, and is based on her original dress. Sofia ・ Pretty Pink Princess Coord is a recolor of it.



A light purple glittering dress with pastel purple ruffles for the sleeve. On the chest is light plum fabric with a lace border and design on it, while around the navel is a thin band of lilac. The skirt is cut into two layers, the top of which is scalloped with pearls lining two sections, the top of which is adorned with several pearls. On each scallop is a glittering lilac design. The middle and lower portion of skirting is glittering, light plum with a band of grape silk around the bottom. Sewn to the band are lilac pleats. Comes with glittering grape shoes that have a bow on the foot and are worn with a pair of light plum tights. The user gains a necklace with a large pink gem on it.


A silver tiara studded with pearls and tiny purple gems.

Coord BoxEdit

Top + Bottom Accessory

Sofia ・Pretty Princess Dress


Sofia ・Pretty Princess Tiara



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