The Sunshine・Shiny Star Coord is a Coord released during 1st Anniversary of KiraKira Shiny Star. It is a Shiny Rare coord from Mickey and Friends and resembles the Minnie Shiny Star Coord.



A golden-orange dress with glitter coating and a section of orange going down the center adorned by three silver straps. The sleeves are white and partially puffed with a silver studded sleeve cuff and straps, while the collar is scalloped. Around the midriff is a silver band with a white bow on the back. The skirt is in muliple layers, the top shaped like a flower lined in purple and silver, with a design on each side and multiple gold bead chains hanging from it, with a gold sun hanging on each petal. This is followed by a tutu layer with silver lining, along with multiple white pleat petticoats. Hanging from each tip of the first layer is a gold sun. The user gains white gloves with a sequined purple and white striped ribbon on the wrist, and a pair of white boots with sequined toe, and an orange glittering tongue boudn by five straps. Sheer stockings are included with a purple design. 


An opalescent wizard hat with vermillion ribbon wrapped around it. On top is a gold sun with small golden-orange and lavender ribbon hanging from it. On the front is a sequined orange and white striped ribbon adorned by a silver mickey head and plumage of pink and purple. On the side hangs a gold beaded chain with a sun hanging from it. 

Coord BoxEdit

Dress Accessory

Sunshine・Shiny Star Dress & Boots


Sunshine・Shiny Star Hat



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